Porn Stars Who Made It Big in 2018

2018 brought in a whole new crop of amazing adult actresses and one of them is Spanish Porn diva. They have risen to certain heights that the porn industry currently has had to take notice, there are so many new faces and asses that getting to choose a ‘best of’ list is getting harder and harder everyday.  But these are the stars that made it big this year so it’s not an all-time list but rather who is up and coming and who to check out in 2018. Even if you think that the stars we listed aren’t the hottest or the best in Spanish porn, you have to agree that all of them are super hot, and you might just discover a new girl or two for your film night because these ladies definitely don’t disappoint when it comes to making men cum. We’ll also update this list regularly in 2018, so if a girl is not so active and we will demote her and move up a more upcoming and hotter chick on the list.

Lana Rhoades

Lana RhoadesLana is some that should have had a place on the top 10 ages ago, and not having her on the list means we need to do her justice. She should have won 2017’s best pornstar at the AVN awards since she’s been a really active and sexy performer last year and this year she has been pouring it one, since she won’t be slowing down soon – so check out this stunning star who knows how to get down and dirty the way you like it, on cue.

Karma RX

Karma is just that, good! And a really good fuck, that’s exactly why it’s RX which means the perfect prescription for you lonely nights and aching balls. She is quite new to the scene and that’s why she’s on our radar, she’s not a one time thing, with a banging body, and great tits even if they are totally fake and pumped up, she is definitely the new star that has a lot to offer. We recommend her taboo scenes that she’s done over at C4S worth a peek.

Susi Gala

Susy has some experience under belt, well if she wore anything, this almost always nude pornstar, has been around, for years, however, when you look back at her performances when she first started to now, she is a completely different women, and that’s a compliment which means she has come a long way. Right now, she is probably the hottest Spanish porn babe anywhere. Don’t even bother visiting her on the big sites like Brazzers, instead take a look at Cum Louder and you’ll find so many sexy videos of her that are totally free, that you’ll easily see why she’s the top pornstar in Spain in 2018.

Elsa Jean

Elsa JeanIf you’re more in the mood for a natural woman, and like real tits and ass instead of all the face stuff, then you need to check out Elsa since she is one of the more natural girls on this list as it’s obvious that many faked titties rule the porn scene now. That’s why Elsa Jean is a perfect detour in your porn adventure. She has striking blonde hair, perky round tit and a fantastic ass, all natural, one hundred percent. Only a bit tit fan would pass her over.

Nicolette Shea

Nicolette loves how she looks and her foray into the Spanish porn world shows just that, she is is totally fake, and she loves it, and she knows that she loves it. She has a unique barbie-like figure that makes men get hard and want to cum fast a bullet. Who wants to hold it in his pants when they see this blonde bitch get nasty. She has won over porn lovers from around the world and she’s really made an impact on the scene as one of the most popular pornstars on Pornhub and Brazzers alike when you look for Spanish stars.

Angela White

Angela WhiteAngela sounds so pure, even her name sounds angelic but really this vixen brings more curves and boobs to your screen than you can possibly handle. She has a crazy amazing body and what’s really impressive are her blowjob skills and big tits. You’ll feel excited just to get her face and ass on screen and love watching some of Angela’s antics. Angela isn’t a newcomer to the porn life, but she’s adapted so well that you’ll find something to suit your taste, if you just check out a view of her gems of porn flicks.

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